Scattered thoughts about space exploration, web development, and life as a Canadian in Mexico.

Two glass carboys, one full of a golden mead, the other empty except for the left over blackberries and oranges. A siphon rests in the empty carboy neck.

The Mead Diaries, Volume 2


I rack my first batch of Mead. It isn't clear if I've screwed up yet.

A wooden sign made out of scraps of wood and tree bark next to a lake in Saskatchewant. A maple leaf is carved out of the middle of the sign, allowing light to pass through. The placard beneath it says Madge Lake,

Accessible SVG Forms

May 13, 2024


Come along while I create an accessible form control out of an SVG map!

A lone black Grackle bird sitting high in a lush green tree, with clear blue skies behind it.

Tooling, Dependencies, and You

May 7, 2024


The decision to add a dependency to a project is an important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

A closeup of a glass carboy full of fresh new mead, fermenting. Some orange slices and blackberries are visible in the neck.

The Mead Diaries, Volume 1

Apr 30, 2024


After years (decades?) of deliberation about whether or how to make my own alcohol, I finally just start.

A rendering of the various components of the Mars Sample Return Architecture including a rover, a Mars ascent rocket, an orbiter, and a helicopter.

Is NASA Actually Committed to Returning Samples From Mars?

Apr 18, 2024


Conflicting statements, spiralling costs, and a disconnect with the Science community have left me asking questions about NASA's commitment.

A concrete shed with a full water filtration system, including a pump, three tall blue cylinders, a grey garbage bin, a dark grey hot water heater, a long horizontal UV light and green plumbing joining everything together.

Making Clean Water in Yucatán

Apr 14, 2024


I showcase the water filtration system we have in Yucatán to turn our well water into drinking water

A rocky beach in southern Mexico, with a tree covered hill overlooking it. The phot is taken from underneath a wooden pier.

Integrating Providers with React Testing Library

Mar 27, 2024


Integrating providers like Tanstack Query to an existing project can cause some friction for test suites. Here are some possible solutions explored.

A downward facing view from a moon lander looking at its own landing legs. The legs on the left are broken, and the lander is leaning to the side.

On Space and Success

Mar 21, 2024


Defining success on complex missions is not as straightforward as it used to be.